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Individual Stories

Meet J.W. and Brenda

“My biggest fear is getting behind on our mortgage and losing our home.” Not the kind of worry that anyone wants to face, especially while battling cancer.

Meet J.W. and his wife, Brenda. J.W. is fighting the hardest battle of his life. While still working 3rd shift as a tufting machine mechanic in Georgia, J.W. is receiving chemo treatments for stage 4 small cell lung cancer. He has worked in the floor covering industry for 15 years and is still going strong.

His wife shared that the expenses from traveling several days a week for treatments, prescriptions, and medical bills has caused them to live day to day financially. “Even with health insurance, the cost of J.W.’s treatment under the care of six different doctors is more than we can afford.”

“Thankfully, the Floor Covering Industry Foundation is here to help. The grant we received has reduced our financial stress and provided hope that we can make it through this obstacle. I don’t know where would be without this assistance, quite possibly homeless.”


Meet Teresa

For the past seven years, she worked in a recycling facility that turned plastic bottles into carpet fiber. At the age of 52, she was not expecting to be planning chemotherapy treatments and then looking at 33 days of radiation therapy. Struggling to make ends while she was out of work for treatments, she wondered how she would survive financially. Even with health insurance and short-term disability insurance, she could not cover the costs of housing, food, and medical bills. Teresa has reduced stress of a financial burden lifted and a team of supporters cheering for her! Thanks to the Floor Covering Industry, her battle with breast cancer is a little easier.