Our Mission


The Floor Covering Industry Foundation gets families back on their feet when battling catastrophic injuries, severe disabilities, or other life-altering medical crises. Founded in 1981 by industry leaders, the 501(c)3 charitable non-profit helps those who have worked in the floor covering industry by providing direct grants for medical care and other basic needs.


Rising costs and expenses cause our beneficiaries to lose basic financial freedom in their time of need. Financial help is viewed as an opportunity to say “we care” to those in our floor covering industry family.

Grants are awarded based on need for expenses such as medical care, medications, medical supplies, and other expenses directly related to beneficiary care, as well such as food, shelter, and utilities.

The Foundation’s criteria for grants are:

  • Severe illnesses, injury, or disability
  • Extreme financial need
  • Service to the floor covering industry from a household member of 5+ years 

Who We Have Helped

Behind every assistance grant we have made is a story of crisis and perseverance—of a real person struggling through a difficult time. We are helping to keep unexpected setbacks from turning into permanent roadblocks. Click here to read more about individual grantee stories or check out our YouTube Channel.

FCIF’s caring approach allows those in need to seek help with dignity and confidence. Our beneficiaries have included:

  • a creeler in a flooring manufacturing plant who has invasive stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her bones
  • a flooring installer and his teenage daughter who are both battling leukemia
  • a lift-truck operator who had part of his foot amputated
  • a sales manager whose husband has lung cancer and a brain tumor
  • a shipping clerk whose 3-year-old daughter is deaf and has developmental delays requiring special therapy